3 Things To Consider When Purchasing Insurance for Your Staffing Agency

If you operate a staffing agency, you provide reliable employees for your clients. Doing so, though, exposes your organization to the type of legal jeopardy that other companies never face. Purchasing staffing agency insurance is an effective way to help manage these risks. Here are three things to consider when purchasing insurance for your staffing agency.

1. Expertise

The most important facet to consider when purchasing insurance is the expertise of your insurer. To get the best coverage possible, you must work with an agent who has experience in the sector.

2. Coverage

While you may purchase a general liability policy, you may want to tailor comprehensive coverage to meet your agency’s specific needs. In addition to errors and omissions protection, you may want automobile insurance, employee liability coverage and other types of protection.

3. Price

To make money, you must control costs. As such, you want to purchase insurance for your staffing agency that is affordable and complete. The right agent can likely help you find coverage that does not blow your organization’s budget.
With a bit of effort and the right help, you can likely find the right staffing agency insurance to protect your organization from costly lawsuits. Instead of leaving the success of your agency to chance, consider purchasing a comprehensive policy.