Building With Confidence

When Haughn and Associates Insurance Agency was first opened over three decades ago, the main focus was providing good, quality insurance for contractors and their suppliers. Since then, their business has expanded, but they continue to focus on finding ways to minimize the risk associated with the construction business.

Not only does Haughn and Associates offer insurance coverage, they have a desire to help you reduce your risk of loss and claims. For example, they can help you provide safety training as well as bilingual safety materials in order to reduce your risk of accidents. They may also offer assistance in ensuring your business is OSHA compliant in order to eliminate safety hazards and reduce the number of claims.

Haughn and Associates offers a variety of insurance policies that are structured to be most effective for you. In order to save costs and overlapping coverage, they offer a wrap-up plan that is purchased by the general contractor and covers all of the subcontractors under the same policy. This can ensure that your project is fully covered and you are not paying for more insurance than you need.

Haughn and Associates Insurance Agency wants to help you and your business be successful. By helping you reduce the number of accidents and increase your bottom line, you can enjoy the success of your business.