Getting Significant Savings on a Homeowners Policy

While owning your own home has become more difficult in major metropolitan cities, it is still the goal of many people, both young and old. It’s a way of solidifying all your hard work and is often the first step towards settling down. Young people see it as a way to put down roots and finally start a family. Older adults are planning for retirement and perhaps taking a vacation.

But let’s not forget that buying a home is an investment and one that needs the security of home insurance in CT in order to protect that investment. Depending on the type of house you buy, and the materials used to build it, you will have upkeep and maintenance issues to address in order to keep the value of the house up. They may be small matters, but also concerns that could wind up being a major expense.

Look at several coverage options before buying

Since buying home coverage is such an important decision, you should shop around to see what is available from different carriers. You’re likely to find that the cost for the same level of coverage varies, and you’ll need to consider deductibles, policy limits, and the option to purchase riders from local insurers.

You can save money by bundling home, life and auto insurance with the same insurer, and most companies give discounts for loyalty. Once you find a good match, staying with that insurer can be rewarding over time. Raising your deductible can also save you money, as well as installing dead-bolt locks and upgrading your home’s fire and smoke detectors, and burglar alarms.

Keep records of valuables that you own

If you do experience a devastating fire or other calamities, recalling lost items is going to be one of the most difficult issues regarding the claims process. You can save yourself some agony by cataloging all valuable belongings, including contracts, certificates, and receipts with video or photos. Keep copies of important documents in a safe place. We recommend storing copies somewhere safe away from the premises.

You can also keep premiums low by avoiding filing claims for inexpensive issues that you can fix on your own. Avoid claims that can cause insurers to increase premiums or rates on home insurance in CT by speaking to a qualified agent about your questions or concerns relating to this coverage.