Guide to Insurance for Film Production

If you are a filmmaker, then maybe you already know about film insurance. If not, then you do not want to skip out on it. In any business, insurance is a must-have. There are too many liabilities when you are hiring workers, setting up locations and using expensive equipment. Its difficult to list all of the different expenses that arise when it comes to film production.

What Is Film Production Insurance?

Insurance for film protects your production company from film related liabilities. When it comes to insurance, you need to make sure that your insurance agency personalizes your coverage. Every project has unique specifications.

Your coverage should protect you against the following:

  • Injuries on set
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Theft and property damages
  • Copyright infringement

If you are a producer, then you need to be careful when it comes to insurance coverage. If you do not have coverage, you could be the one that ends up responsible for all of the liability costs. Financial, criminal and legal consequences would be on you alone.

Where to Get Entertainment Insurance

Film production insurance is not one of the more popular insurances and it comes with a variety of specific coverage’s. You need to work with someone who is used to working in the industry and can help you personalize your coverage.