HVAC Safety Hazards You Need To Be Aware Of

Many may not realize how dangerous a job as an HVAC technician can be, due in part to the fact that HVAC work often takes place within the home. The reality is, though, that it can be hazardous, and that there are things you need to be aware of when it comes to job-related risks. 

Injuries Are Possible

For HVAC technicians, a wide range of injuries are possible. Not only are many parts within an HVAC unit heavy, sharp, or both, working with these units can also expose technicians to harmful chemicals, as well. Additionally, HVAC safety hazards don’t stop there. Doing this kind of work can eventually lead to wear and tear on the body, like an aching back or a sore shoulder. 

Weather Conditions Can Impact Safety

Whether they are working on heating or air conditioning units, HVAC technicians will often have to go outside or otherwise deal with the elements when doing work on a unit. This is particularly important to keep in mind because breakdowns in HVAC units happen the most during inclement weather. 

While many may not think of working with HVAC units as being particularly dangerous, there can be lots of potential for injuries. Being aware of the occupational hazards can help make them more preventable.