Improve SEO with Keyword Clustering

Looking for one simple strategy that can, once implemented, immediately increase your SEO? Try keyword clustering.

What is Keyword Clustering?

Keyword clustering is the process of grouping keywords together into themes that relate to your website and point back to your content.

A single keyword cluster will contain one core topic and multiple subtopics. These subtopics point back to the core topic, which in turn points back to your website.

How Do I Use Keyword Clustering?

Choose one broad topic that relates to your business or website, then brainstorm up to five subtopics that relate to your main idea. These subtopics should be more specific so that your pieces can be more in-depth, providing more valuable content and causing all of the ideas in the cluster to do well. This will boost your SEO significantly.

Why Do Search Engines Like Keyword Clustering?

Keyword clustering allows search engines to do two things more efficiently:

  • Make connections between pages, or connections within your content
  • Recognize the authority of your content, and raise it to a top spot on search results lists

Making an effort to organize your keywords into keyword clusters makes it easier for the search engines to discover both you and related content. This boosts your search engine visibility.

Keyword clustering can be a simple strategy to instantly increase SEO by leveraging a marketing tool that you are already using.