Online Driver Training for Nonprofits

Putting volunteer drivers on the road involves an inherent level of risk. Nonprofit organizations need to mitigate this type of liability exposure to the fullest extent possible. In addition to applying careful screening policies and maintaining comprehensive insurance, training can make a big difference in how your organization effectively manages risk. An online training platforms is an excellent way to instill safe driving practices in your volunteer workforce.

Show Your Volunteers That You Value Their Safety

Asking experienced drivers to take an online driver training course isn’t going to cause any type of offense. In fact, volunteers will appreciate that their safety is a priority to the organization. Training initiatives send a strong message that your organization is well-managed and puts safety first.

Teach Valuable Skills

Even the most experienced drivers can benefit from training. An online course can help sharpen their skills in several areas.

  •       Defensive driving
  •       Situational awareness
  •       Driving in poor weather conditions
  •       Vehicle safety

Have Documentation of Your Training Activities

When volunteers have completed a training course, you’ll have a record of their course completion. This type of documentation is helpful in demonstrating to partnering organizations and funders that you take driver safety seriously. Furthermore, documentation about driver training may make you eligible for savings on your insurance premiums.