Promoting Workplace Safety and Preventing Slip and Falls When You’re Working with Volunteers

Nonprofits who engage help from interns and volunteers need to take active steps to include them in their workplace safety protocols. Here are some things that you can do to help reduce the risk of a volunteer having an accident.

Maintain a Safe Area for Volunteers to Work

Falls have been a leading cause of workplace accidents. Source: VIS Volunteers. The most effective way to reduce slip & fall risk in volunteer duties is to keep the premises where they’ll be working free from any trip hazards such as uneven flooring, wires, loose rugs, or slippery surfaces.

Assign Responsibility to a Staff Member for Operational Safety

At least one or more of your employees’ job descriptions should include responsibility for promoting a safe working environment and incorporating safety awareness as an integral element of your volunteer programs. This team member can help to identify and correct unsafe practices and also direct training initiatives.

Address Physical Safety and Accident Prevention in Your Volunteer Handbooks

Regardless of whether a volunteer’s duties involve a physical type of activity or simply just administrative duties, it’s good to include information in your volunteer handbook preventing physical accidents such as a slip and fall. Written materials are a good way of making sure that your whole team is on board with specific accident prevention policies.