Safety on Two Wheels

The wind in your hair, the scenery whizzing by and the smell of exhaust: there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as flying down the road on only two wheels. Driving a motorcycle is a delight, but being safe and smart is the most important part of operating one.

Be Covered

If you have automobile insurance, your motorbike is not necessarily covered by your policy. Cover your bike and yourself by investing in good-quality motorcycle insurance like Ann Arbor Insurance. Protecting you in ways like collision and medical coverage, Ann Arbor Insurance is a good choice for motorcycle owners.

Be Educated

Remember those driver’s education classes you took when you were fifteen? If you want to legally drive a motorcycle as your primary vehicle, then you need to do the same thing for your bike. Rules and regulations vary state by state, so look into what your state requires in the way of getting a motorcycle license.

Be Safe

Your motorcycle education classes will teach you the proper safety precautions, but if you take nothing else away from them, remember this: always wear a helmet. Never, ever decide that you aren’t going to wear your helmet for any reason. Helmets were invented for the sole purpose of protecting you and keeping you alive. Use one every time you drive your motorcycle.

Responsibility and safety should be the top priorities of a motorcycle driver. Take the steps to protect yourself and everybody else on the road.