Securing Coverage for Credit Concerns in Fuel Supplies

Fuel distributors are the lifeline of gas stations, homeowners, convenience stores, truckers, and agricultural customers. Gasoline is the power behind many areas of transportation, but delivering oil or LP gas is just as necessary for keeping homes warm during the winter, powering forklifts or manufacturing equipment, or operating appliances. There are many liabilities that can affect the financial security and company reputation of fuel distributors, but fuel distributor insurance can help reduce your financial risks.

The Dangers of Fuel Transports

One preeminent danger when working with fuel is the flammability and danger of explosion. Developing a rigorous operating and safety program is highly recommended by the professionals at in order to minimize the risks of your operations. Carrying an insurance policy tailored to meet the exposures of your unique industry is another way to deal with the effects of loss should an incident occur with your contracted partners. You will want to grow your business, but some potential buyers demonstrate a credit risk. With fuel distribution, you able to do the following”

  • Safely grow sales at home or abroad
  • Protect against non-payment risks
  • Avoid personal guaranty contracts
  • Make more efficient credit decisions
  • Develop better borrowing power with lower rates and higher advances

There are many things your company will need to address during operations, but physical and financial safety are two of the most important. The right insurance policy is always a wise investment against the risk of loss.