Special Coverage for Trucking

Trucking services are essential to an economy that relies on the ground transportation of certain goods for retail and business use. Regardless of the type of service provided by these businesses, it would be virtually impossible for many businesses to function without their contributions. Whether for commercial services, household movers, long-haul or short haul, trucking insurance programs are essential to keep everything running smoothly, especially in emergency situations.

What Insurance Covers

Specialized coverage can make insurance rates more affordable, especially for smaller trucking companies. These plans can enforce safer driving practices and protect against certain exposures common in this industry. Some of these coverages might include:

  • Damages or injuries caused by collisions
  • Injuries resulting from accidents
  • Damage to goods in transit and in storage
  • Loading and unloading
  • Mobile equipment used for hauling items on and off the truck
  • Gaps in auto insurance that need supplemental insurance
  • Delivery disputes and scheduling conflicts

The Best Fit

It is important to realize that there is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all plan when it comes to trucking insurance. For example, trucks traveling shorter distances on average may be better suited for short haul trucking insurance programs, while other types of programs may accommodate the needs of other types of trucking services. By speaking to the specialists in trucking insurance, it is possible to get the most appropriate plan that can fit your needs.