Specialized Insurance for Staffing Firms

General and professional liability insurance coverages are essential for staffing firms, but they often don’t address some risks that are common to the industry. When looking for temporary staffing insurance, it’s important to be aware of specialized policies that can give you additional protection. These are a few coverage areas that may pertain to your particular business.

Owned Automobile Liability Insurance

Whether your business owns one car or a fleet of vehicles, maintaining commercial automobile insurance is vital if your company offers transportation. Coverage can protect your business from the financial impact of these and other types of accidents involving authorized drivers:

  • Vehicle damage or total loss claims
  • Damage to property belonging to others
  • Injury or death to a driver

Directors and Officers Insurance

In the event of a lawsuit filed against your business, it’s possible that company officials will be sued individually as well. Temporary staffing insurance for directors and officers is available to protect against business and personal liabilities. Legal fees and settlements are typically covered in such policies.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Umbrella policies increase the limits of liability over underlying policies such as professional and general liability without an SIR in most states. They can cover exposures such as major crashes, burns and food or drink contamination.

Identifying and managing the risks your business faces is especially important in today’s environment. Investing in temporary staffing insurance that covers a wide range of contingencies can let you focus on attracting and serving clients.