Specialty Insurance for Every Industry

Every industry has unique risks, many of which are not covered under standard insurance policies. Fortunately, insurance providers offer specialty policies for many different industries.

Inland Marine Insurance

Despite its name, inland marine coverage has nothing to do with boats. Rather, it protects property being transported by land. For businesses that frequently transport valuable items, such as medical devices, camera equipment or fine art, commercial property insurance may be insufficient. Specialty insurance products like inland marine insurance provide additional coverage for expensive assets.

Short-Term Vacation Rental Insurance

Homeowners who offer rentals through services such as AirBnB or VRBO are subject to many of the same liabilities as landlords, so they must carry the proper insurance. Short-term rental insurance covers the property and the owner’s belongings.

Limousine and Black Car Insurance

Limousine companies are different from taxi services because the vehicles are more expensive and services are pre-arranged. Limousine and black car insurance policies are available to businesses that offer pre-arranged transportation in vans, buses and luxury vehicles, such as Lincolns, Cadillacs and limousines.

Liquor Liability Insurance

Establishments that serve alcohol must have liquor liability insurance. If a customer damages property or harms someone while under the influence of alcohol, the establishment may be accused of over-serving the customer and face legal action. Liquor liability insurance protects the business in the event of a lawsuit.

These are just a few of the specialty insurance products available for businesses. Business owners should be aware of the risks they face and purchase the appropriate insurance coverage.