What is Hospice and What Does it Cover?

Hospice is a very specialized type of care that revolves around how people are treated as they approach their end of life. As one might imagine, it’s a delicate subject about a very delicate time in one’s life.

Hospice Care

The type of care provided will vary depending on an individual’s needs, but it usually includes some type of palliative, or comfort, care. This can mean many different things to people and may include mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual assistance. Some comfort care may entail socialization with volunteers. It all depends on what someone wants.


The process of getting into hospice is not simple. It requires a certification process that includes a physician’s statement about the person’s condition and life expectancy. Someone’s life expectancy must be six months or less. The certification also needs to be approved and signed by a hospice medical director or another qualified physician. If a person’s certificate expires before they pass away it will need to be renewed. Hospice recertification criteria are very similar to the original requirements, but they will need to be completed in their entirety before hospice continues. Source: Manchester Specialty Insurance.

Care Coordination

Helping people at the end of their lifespan will most likely require coordination between many people. This could include friends, family members, health professionals, and volunteers. Hospice care can manage the logistics of coordination so family members can be present with their loved ones for as long as possible.