Working With Online Platforms

It is nearly impossible to find someone unfamiliar with social media networking sites. Young and old alike own smartphones or tablets and stay connected through a variety of online sources. Capitalizing on this trend can be great for business. Social media marketing for insurance agencies can grow your client base and give your office appeal!

Very few companies really expose the benefits associated with social media marketing. While there isn’t a set scale of what to expect, there are four things to look at as you determine your success with social media exposure.

Look for relationships. Technology has enabled agents to connect with their clients and potential customers beyond simple community interactions. Social media provides access to reviews and direct contact.

Strengthen your brand. Make sure your “About Us” page really captures customer attention, the feel and the image of your agency and objectives.

Select content with potential. Don’t just rely on what interests you. Post or share content that will propel customer action to further share your message.

Include ways to generate leads. Amidst your content pages, always include forms or contact buttons to capitalize on interested viewers.

Many insurance agents maintain a digital presence, but few have a great return on their investment. Quality social media marketing for insurance agencies can deliver that return.